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The role of RegTech in successful CLM initiatives

Partnering to address the biggest disruptions to financial services

There are two key challenges that are leading banks and other financial institutions towards reconfiguring how they manage customer data and related processes.

These centre on the acceleration of digital transformation in the financial services industry and the recognition that dealing with money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud is too big, and complex, a problem to be solved by a single technology supplier.

To tackle these issues, organisations are increasingly looking to Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems, which are viewed by many as the optimum response. When integrated with best-of-breed data providers, CLM systems offer an effective way of gaining a single source of truth about a customer - a holy grail that the industry has been seeking for the last two decades.

In this ebook, we explore the advantages of CLM vendors and data providers partnering to collectively address some of the biggest disruptions to financial services.

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