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KYC and the imperative for digital transformation

Digital transformation programs enable organizations to offer excellent customer service, control compliance costs, and free resources for innovation and growth.

For efficiency-conscious and digitally focused executives, combined with increasing public pressure on establishing beneficial ownership of assets, the next area of focus is KYC.

Exploring the intersections between people, process and technology and finding the right balance between the three is key to successful KYC digital transformation.

Key learns in the whitepaper

  • How manual KYC is broken and how digital transformation can help
  • Setting the direction for success - including setting goals and measuring the value of KYC transformation
  • Creating a digital KYC operating model
  • Implementing an end-to-end architecture and a digital ecosystem

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Alex Ford

President, North America, Encompass

Alex drives business growth in North America, working with customers, partners and the Encompass team to transform KYC with automation in financial institutions and other regulated entities.

Joining in 2012, Alex has held Executive responsibility for business functions including Customer Success, Operations, Marketing, Product and Delivery. From 2015 to 2020 Alex was based in Glasgow with the launch and expansion of the UK operation,
before taking up leadership of the North America business.

Alex also serves on the board of The RegTech Association and works with the Business Information Industry Association. Prior
to Encompass, Alex worked in innovation and marketing roles for coaching, leadership and technology businesses in APAC.

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