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Embracing KYC transformation

Automation and technology are fundamental to creating more robust and efficient KYC programs.

However, to successfully transform KYC, financial institutions (FIs) need to view KYC transformation holistically, taking into consideration all the challenges associated with any large-scale change program.

To harness the power of KYC automation FIs need to embrace KYC transformation by aligning policy, people, process, data and technology.

In this whitepaper we explore:

  • The need for KYC transformation
  • Factors behind this need for change
  • Potential challenges to consider
  • The blend of ingredients required
  • KYC transformation - five steps to success

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Howard Wimpory, KYC Transformation Director | Encompass

Howard Wimpory

KYC Transformation Director

Howard is the KYC Transformation lead at Encompass, working with Tier 1 banks to digitally transform their KYC onboarding and refresh processes. Driving control, capacity and colleague benefits through the use of the highly impressive Encompass platform.

Prior to this he held a number of executive level operational roles with a major global bank including leading their wholesale KYC onboarding and refresh functions.

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