Build vs. buy

The benefits of automating KYC


Welcome to Encompass’ guide on navigating the critical decision of whether to build vs. buy your KYC (Know Your Customer) solution. This eBook is designed to help your organization make an informed choice that aligns with your strategic goals and operational needs. Fill out the form to download the full eBook and gain valuable insights into optimizing your KYC processes.

Why download our eBook?

  • Expert insights: Learn about the challenges and considerations involved in building an in-house KYC solution.
  • Cost and risk analysis: Understand the financial and operational risks of both building and buying KYC technology.
  • Efficiency gains: Discover how an Encompass solution can streamline your KYC processes and enhance compliance.
  • Strategic framework: Get a decision-making framework to guide your choice.

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Explore our dynamic KYC process automation platform’s features and use cases for creating real-time digital KYC profiles.

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