A smarter approach to KYC

Bringing KYC transformation into the corporate strategy

Banks that include KYC automation within their broader digitization strategy, open doors to conduct business with confidence.

Modern technology removes the need for a full system overhaul, instead, KYC transformation integrates with existing technology stacks to build out a digital ecosystem.

Banks can work smarter, with an agile approach to scaling their KYC.

Key learns in this whitepaper

  • KYC in banking: the story so far
  • A fresh approach to KYC
  • The role of technology
  • Opportunities are there for the taking
  • KYC: a crucial pillar of corporate strategy

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About the author

Howard Wimpory | KYC Transformation Director, Encompass

Howard Wimpory

KYC Transformation Director

Howard Wimpory works with Tier 1 banks to digitally transform their KYC onboarding and refresh processes. He has held a number of executive-level operational roles within a major global bank, including leading their wholesale KYC Onboarding and Refresh functions.

His most recent role prior to Encompass was Managing Director, Group Financial Crime Operations position at Barclays Bank, where amongst other functions, he was accountable for leading KYC remediation of corporate and investment bank client records to FCA committed timelines.

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